1. "Anger is a Gift"

    When I was about 14 I was walking through the music section at walmart. I actually was carrying a Korn album to the media player in the store and when I first put on the head-phone’s guerilla radio was playing. Immediately, I just started head banging I fell in love with De La Rocha power and strong vocals and Morello’s shredding on the guitar. I ended up leaving the store with the Battle of Los Angeles album. The next 2 weeks I constantly blasted Guerrilla Radio and since I was so young I really didnt even realize how meaningful the lyrics were. As I got older I started to understand just what message De La Rocha was trying to give us through his lyrics. Personally I think RATM is in a genre of its own. God, I still get goosebumps every time I hear “Killing in the name”. RATM is from an ELITE group of humans which was established B4 the ”pussification” of america. The band not only sounded instrumentally perfect but holyshit the meaning behind the music De La Rocha is a genus and should be idolized by future and up coming bands/artists. Man i wish so fucking bad those guys would tour the US again. My little brother is currently in highschool and him and all his little friends wear RATM shirts and love the music. These days modern bands which fucking suck, are degrading what music is suppose to be about. All you hear is about drugs, sex, and how rich they are it makes me sick. RATM these kids need to witness you guys and even 3 GENERATIONS later they still fucking love you. 

  2. The mural at my room. HASTA LA VICTORIA, SIEMPRE!

    The mural at my room

    The mural at my bedroom, hope you like it!

  3. WARSAW 94

    RATM made us wait 1 hr or more for the gig. Hot like sauna. They say, Zach was playin football match behind Old Torwar bulding. It was damn worth the wait. 

    Probably in top 3 of my entire life. With RHCP in 92 and Beastie Boys in 93.

    RATM the album was and is the essential of XX century music.

    In fuct Since than nothing more happened.

    Come back guys. I want my 20 yrs old son to get the idea what is the real shit not that fake shit.

A fan from Ukraine.


    A fan from Ukraine.

  5. Fender Jaguar with a RATM picture vinyl made into a pickguard by Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar in Seattle.

    Fender Jaguar with a RATM picture vinyl made into a pickguard by Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar in Seattle.

  6. Robb Ba$$ - Bulls On Parade (Michael Jordan)

    Sampled Bulls On Parade for the track let me know what you think.

  7. Zach Tattoo done by Tom Renshaw

    Zach Tattoo done by Tom Renshaw

  8. rage against the machine - full show 3/29/92

  9. Ghost of Tom Joad - Junip Cover


  10. Flashback: Rage Against the Machine at Coachella 2007

    (Source: Rolling Stone)

  11. From the debut to the grave…thank you RATM

    From the debut to the grave…thank you RATM

  12. Immediate Rage Fan

    In April of 1993 I was getting my 4th tattoo and the tattoo artist was playing this amazing heavy music with a vocalist that had an energy and a rage in his voice that I had never heard before. The Band was Rage Against the Machine. I immediately went to purchase the album once I left the tattoo parlor. My friends and I had already purchased tickets to Lollapalooza at Buckeye Lake in 1993. Rage was the opening band and everything that came after their set was good but none had the energy that Rage portrayed that day. I have seen Rage play many times and they never fail to put on a great, powerful show that leaves the audience in awe.

  13. RATM sketches during a show

    I first heard Rage Against the Machine on bootleg tapes in Pakistan. It wasn’t until I came back to the States that I got their cds and waited for the chance to see them live. That came at an incredible Rock the Bells hip hop show in San Bernadino. A who’s who of the hip hop world past and present, but it was Rage that really stole the show. Late into the night, the band took the stage. People in the back had all jumped the gates and come forward. There was a sea of bonfires and madness all around. The aisles were packed with people that had surged forward. I had to stand on  a rickety folding chair, packed in, ready to fall over. When the lights came up and the band exploded on the stage, I had to pull out my paper and watercolors, and get some sketches in the moment without tumbling over.